Positronic Neural Net

May 13, 2006Exhibitions, Sculpture 1 Comment

This interactive installation is called Positronic Neural Net by Russ RuBert. The frames are fabricated aluminum filled with fragments of found neon that are wired to motion sensors, so that different segments of neon light up in response to people walking around them. We had about a minute to take photos with all the neon … Read More

Active Neon

May 10, 2006Sculpture No Comments

All the neon is in place and wired into circuits so that different sections will light up as people walk around the sculpture. The color of the glass tubes does not necessarily foretell the color of the light. This blue glass becomes pink when lit, and white becomes green!

Installation at Grounds for Sculpture

May 9, 2006Sculpture 1 Comment

Today I thought of Liza Lou (she’s an artist with a huge amount of patience that we’re studying on the Ragged Cloth Cafe this month) as I peeled tiny bits of protective paper off tiny intricate parts that Russ has made for the neon sculptures. These brackets he’s designed will be installed on the metal … Read More

PaMdora’s Puzzler

May 8, 2006Sculpture 8 Comments

Saturday it poured all day, and we weren’t completely packed anyway. So we waited to leave until Sunday which was beautiful, cramming the whole trip into one 21-hour drive that ended up into New Jersey in the rain again at 4 a.m. That’s a lot of blow-pops, my junk keep-me-awake food of choice for driving. … Read More

Fragile Load

May 6, 2006Sculpture 3 Comments

Off on another adventure to take sculpture to Grounds for Sculpture. Execpt we’re supposed to be already gone, not still loading. At least Russ leaned the sculptures sideways so we can get out of the door. What? all this neon has to go to? It’s going to be a long drive….

Kinetic Man Sculpture Dedication

May 21, 2005Sculpture No Comments

Lots of kids, big and small, showed up for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Kinetic Man. There were free ice-cream sandwiches for everyone… and everyone got a turn to make K-Man move. I think the little kids like the fact that it’s just a little bit hard for them to turn the handle because it makes … Read More

Raining Fire

May 20, 2005Sculpture No Comments

After I got my Viking entry in the mail, I went back to the K-Man site with dinner for the guys and again later to take them some jackets. There is an awesome aspect to the site for the sculpture that we didn’t anticipate. When the baseball games across the street end, the finale fireworks … Read More

Kinetic Man Announcement

May 19, 2005Sculpture No Comments

At sort of the last minute Russ decided that he’s like some announcements sent out to 400 people about a sculpture event on Saturday. Or was it sort of last minute I actually listened to him. Or was it at the last minute, I actually had an idea and inspiration of something to send out? … Read More

The Gates article

March 11, 2005Sculpture No Comments

It’s been a big week for publicity at the studio. Russ was interviewed by a local TV news station and the piece aired tonight. Also he wrote a guest feature article about The Gates for Thursday’s NewsLeader. He doesn’t really consider himself a writer, so I was proud of him for doing it. They published … Read More

White Powdered Donuts

January 31, 2005Sculpture No Comments

Yesterday I was late again to the studio. If I had a real boss, I’d be fired by now. But Russ and I spent the morning taking our old boiler apart. It’s broken and the old part of the house is sucking the heat from the rest of the rooms. I liked learning about how … Read More