Odd Characters in the Studio

December 9, 2014Studio

Mostly I work alone in my studio, but it often feels filled with lots of company because of the dress forms, toys and other odd characters I have hanging around. Yesterday I took this photo after wrapping up a day of quilting and had to laugh, because it looked like two headless woman and PaMdora watching over my work.

The hole above my quilting frame is my attempt this hot summer to improve the air-conditioning in my studio by cutting a hole through my photography wall and adding two fans:)…

Halloween and Spontaneous Creativity

October 30, 2011Holidays, Studio

Regardless of what most people thing, Halloween is not just about ghouls and goblins — it’s all about spontaneous creativity. It’s the one time of year that most people think it’s perfectly acceptable to dress up in costumes and become someone or something else and walk around on public streets. Just think about it. Most … Read More

Candy Construction Committee

October 24, 2011Studio

We invited a few friends over the weekend to brainstorm at the studio and start making some really big candy for a Halloween installation. The idea is sort of big candy combined with road construction, with maybe a few zombies thrown in. And it may involve a back hoe if the weather’s nice. Shopping the … Read More

What is PechaKucha and How do you say it?

September 15, 2011Sculpture, Studio

Over the years we’ve hosted many events at our studio, but this is the first one that most people I meet have trouble pronouncing. I started saying it just like it looks and am slowly working up to Peh-Chuk-Cha. The name PechaKucha comes from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat.” PechaKucha Night … Read More

Shoes and Clutter

June 14, 2010Quilts, Studio

I don’t know why shoes are so fun to make out fabric. These are sort of fantastic kimono shoes with Japanese socks. I actually have a pair of these, not so high, but probably can’t fit my fat feet into them anymore. The socks are more comfortable than they look. And they snap behind the … Read More

But does it match the sofa?

May 20, 2010Quilts, Studio

I’ve never really thought about that when I’m making art. When I have a show coming up in a public space, I usually spend a lot of time photographing, measuring, and once even made a gallery dollhouse. I’ve also made pieces and even series of works for specific spaces. But the odd thing is, I’ve … Read More

Spring Clean Fever

May 3, 2010Photographs, Studio

Madly getting ready for a big ArtsFiesta! banquet/party. It’s a lot of work to clean out space for 100+ people sit down for BBQ plus all the other extemporaneous musical activities. It’s tough to know what to do with leftover Halloween snakes, some 30 feet long. And there’s lots of wood to move. Never know … Read More

Late Minute Painting before Winter

November 19, 2009Studio

It always seems to be same each year, that last minute dash to get the outdoor things done before cold weather hits. November has been remarkably mild, so I’ve been outside every available sunshiney minute for the last few weeks, trying to get our old studio repaired and repainted. This is our old studio before … Read More