Have we entered a beige period?

August 14, 2009Featured, Studio

After renovating the studio last year, we’ve gone to a whole new aesthetic — from orange and black checkered floors and multi-colored walls to more of a retro-Swedish-modern look with bamboo floors. We call it Studio2.0. It’s a very calm clean atmosphere, much different than the usual colorful chaos of my fiber studio in back. … Read More

Beam me up, Fluffy!

June 23, 2009Exhibitions, Studio

Not much art going on this week, other than emails and boxing up stuff for shows. Also thinking about what I’m going to say for a full hour at the Modern Materials opening weekend artist’s talk. I was going to transport this quilt to the Untitled [Artspace] gallery via space-age technology, but the space-time portal … Read More

It’s all about energy

November 21, 2008Process, Quilts, Studio

Lately it seems that the word-making part of my brain has gone on early holiday. Or maybe it’s honing so many short tweets has hampered my ability to string together a paragraph. Oh well, less words, more room for photos? Not really true on the web, but here’s the photos: View of my studio as … Read More

Wired at Sunset

November 18, 2008Studio

Here’s the flip side to a photo I posted in October — Wired at Sunrise. This is sunset in the opposite direction looking from our studio. Evangel University is across the street and the sun is setting just behind Evangel’s bell tower that plays short melodies on the hour. After I downloaded the photo, I … Read More

Wired at Sunrise

October 30, 2008Inspiration, Studio

Lately more often than not, I wake up really early. When that happens, I workout and do some yoga, get breakfast and coffee, and head to the studio. I actually enjoy the quiet time before sunrise. This is the sun rising on the edge of the street headed east in front of our studio.

How to be in two places at once

October 17, 2008Process, Quilts, Studio, Tech

The editor at the last book I submitted photos to complained that my photos were not good enough, so I’ve been working on my photography. Something cool I learned this week was how to use the auto-timer on the camera. So I can set up the camera on the tripod, then run around to get … Read More

Jason Pollen workshop at studio

September 15, 2008Mixed Media, Other Artists, Studio

The weekend of the ThreadLines opening reception, Jason Pollen led a two-day workshop called “J-o-i-n-i-n-g-F-o-r-c-e-s.” Each day he led a series of different drawing exercises on black and white double-sided paper. This was the most complex exercise, prefaced with discussions of astrology and self-control, a random drawing and a self-controlled analytical response. This was probably … Read More

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Evacuate

August 7, 2008Process, Quilting, Studio

Well, I thought I was tough anyway, sweating it out all summer in my studio with no air conditioning. But truthfully, it has been a mild summer…..until last weekend. Finally it got so hot, and add to that no windows to vent all the heat of my overhead lights and an iron that is constantly … Read More

A visit from Spike and Warren on their book interview tour

July 15, 2008Press, Studio

Over the weekend author Spike Gillespie and her boyfriend “Warren” the photographer visited our studio to do an interview and photos for Spike’s new book Quilting Art that will be published next year. It was kind of a whirlwind weekend tour of our life around here, starting with fabulous fireworks behind one of Russ’s sculptures … Read More