A visit from Spike and Warren on their book interview tour

July 15, 2008Press, Studio No Comments

Over the weekend author Spike Gillespie and her boyfriend “Warren” the photographer visited our studio to do an interview and photos for Spike’s new book Quilting Art that will be published next year. It was kind of a whirlwind weekend tour of our life around here, starting with fabulous fireworks behind one of Russ’s sculptures … Read More

Trying to Get to Blank

July 8, 2008Process, Quilts, Studio 8 Comments

Finally had to admit that to start a new series of work, I had to get rid of all the old stuff on the walls. So that meant taking down all the old PaMdora quilts that were pinned up on this wall for display for the last group tour. But it also meant putting away … Read More

Open Space, New Projects and Fear

June 28, 2008Inspiration, Process, Studio 3 Comments

When I redid my office, I wanted a blank slate — with big project tables and open space to think up new projects. Then I saw a documentary about the architecture of a traditional Japanese house, and I understood what I had been striving for. There is no assigned function for rooms. The objects that … Read More

Portable Drawing Door Table

May 12, 2008Drawings, Studio 7 Comments

Now that the really hard physical work is over, we’re having fun arranging areas of the newly renovated offices and gallery. Here’s a drawing desk I built using an old black door and some dusty sawhorses I found in the warehouse. I like that the hinges are still attached (except when I busted my ankle … Read More

And Now for Something Completely Different

May 11, 2008Studio 3 Comments

At our old house, we had a fish pond with lots of beautiful koi fish with names like Casper, Skeletor, Wabi, Goldilocks, and the Sharkey Brothers. One day a fish appeared, it wasn’t a koi so we suspected that someone who had tired of their aquarium had graced our pond during the night with this … Read More

Studio Makeover Continues

April 20, 2008Studio 5 Comments

Here’s the retro red lamp I found at a flea market yesterday. As the new bamboo floor goes in, I’m getting more and more excited about the possibilties of the new aesthetic that we can play around with in our front offices. My office is finished! because the floor guy was a real sweetheart and … Read More

Studio Article in Cloth Paper Scissors

April 13, 2008Press, Studio 12 Comments

I can’t believe April is already half over, and I haven’t yet told you about this article. Last December Patricia Bolton asked me to submit some information about my studio for a special edition of the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors. Having a lot photos for this blog and just general shutter-bugitis, I sent some in … Read More

How to Choose a New Floor

April 2, 2008Mochi, Studio 12 Comments

It’s been busy lately at the studio, trying to get our renovating done for a big May 1 deadline. Yesterday Mochi dropped her bone to vote for the new studio floor. Looks like she votes for the darker color. Wait a minute! In another room, she changes her vote. How come dogs get more than … Read More

Back in the Groove

March 21, 2008Drawings, Inspiration, Studio, Tech 7 Comments

Nice monitor huh? Got for my birthday, and it plugs into my laptop to give me two screens for drawing and looking at reference material. Drawing for quilts is different than just drawing, because I have to remember that eventually it will be used as a pattern, and that I have be able to construct … Read More

The Art Cart and Drawing a Blank

March 18, 2008Studio 6 Comments

Arrgh, going nutso here. I haven’t gotten any good drawing done for quilts since my drawing room was exploded last year. Last December I loaded up this cart with drawing and painting supplies so I could wheel it into whichever room I wanted, but still can’t get settled anywhere. I feel like an unwanted candy … Read More