Framing Work for a Group Show

January 27, 2008Quilts, Studio, Uncommon Threads 4 Comments

Getting ready for a group show I’m part of that will open this Friday at the Waverly House of Contemporary Craft, I’ve been trying some different ways of framing smaller pieces. The figurative pieces are sewn to stretched canvas and framed. This one is called “Cell Cat on a Date.”

How to Survive as an Artist

January 14, 2008Other Artists, Studio 8 Comments

A least if I’m not getting a lot of work done in the studio right now, I’m having fun with my materials! Here’s a wonderful picture story from cartoonist Grady Klein that uses humor and gives some advice about struggling with the artist’s “inner demon” while creating a work of artistic expression. He calls it … Read More

Getting Things Done

December 29, 2007Studio, Tech 6 Comments

Early in December I read Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (I’m a sucker for anything that has Art in the title) by David Allen — a book that really speaks to me. For the first time, I’ve found an organizational philosophy fits my lifestyle. I’ve also been beta-testing a new Mac project … Read More


August 28, 2007Painting, Studio 6 Comments

Isn’t it great fun, going to the store and looking through about 70 color chips to find just the right one? Except I never seem to pick just the right one. Maybe I’m swayed too much by the names, but when it comes down to it… what would you rather have on your walls? “Grasshopper” … Read More


August 27, 2007Studio 7 Comments

I won’t pretend that I’ve been painting all this time. Actually I’ve been away working on a collaborative project that I’m not ready to talk about just yet, so it was only yesterday that I picked up a paintbrush again. This is the studio lobby that’s now blue, and my some of my favorite tools … Read More

Faux Painting

August 10, 2007Painting, Studio 15 Comments

Changing gears again! I haven’t mentioned for a while that we’re still in the process of remodeling due to the disaster at our studio last January. After getting a new roof, new ceilings and lighting, we’re finally getting to the point where I can lend a hand — repainting the walls that were damaged by … Read More

Feng Shui for Artists

July 7, 2007Studio 11 Comments

Although I don’t know that much about feng shui, I have learned this — face my desk towards a wall and I don’t get anything done. Why? Probably because I don’t even want to sit at it. It always seems to make sense to put a desk up against a wall to efficiently use space, … Read More

Quilting a Big One, part 2

June 6, 2007Process, Studio 10 Comments

After I do a lot of my detail work on my small Bernina machine, I pin the quilt onto an Inspira frame and use a bigger Viking machine for the backgrounds. It’s not a long-arm. It’s only a couple of inches longer than my Bernina, but it’s a lot faster so when I go back … Read More

Quilting a Big One

June 5, 2007Process, Studio 11 Comments

It’s always exciting to take a design off the wall and start to quilt, and sometimes a relief. A relief after days (or sometimes months) of looking at, struggling with the composition, colors and patterns and finally committing. Usually I start in the center, or with PaMdora’s face, which is this case is both and … Read More

Bad Bad Pin

April 26, 2007Studio 9 Comments

After reading discussions on the QuiltArt list, I became concerned about throwing old needles and pins into the trash, because people who might sort through trash for recycling could be hurt. At first I tried suggestions to put the bent pins into a jar or container, but soon got tired of taking the lids on … Read More