Tiki Tales

February 19, 2007Studio

Moving back to the warehouse has not been so easy, especially working by torchlight (heh, just kidding.) But at the same time, it’s reinvigorated my interest in the Tiki Lounge that we built in our studio several years ago. I learned something new about the origins of tiki. Apparently it was started in California by … Read More

Totally Tiki

February 17, 2007Studio

I’ve been collecting lots of Tiki memorabilia for the Tiki office. Here’s a monkey with wire glasses. He’s made out of coconuts, and has a slash on his stomach because he’s also a bank. Next to him is a girl with pigtails made out of some kind of nut. She’s also hollow and her hat … Read More

On the Move

February 1, 2007Disaster, Studio

Greetings from the Tiki Bar! We’re moving our offices back into the warehouse, because of mass destruction and chaos in the front of the studio. I’ll send more photos as we get settled in and the place becomes more photo-friendly…In the meantime here’s a quick February One update. The green machines have multiplied, and now … Read More

Water Damaged Photos

January 26, 2007Disaster, Studio

This is my photo-washing station. Luckily since I have LOTS of photos to wash and dry, I have great scenery for my work — one of Russ’s aluminum and plexiglass paintings that hangs in our group room as a partition to hide to all the snacks in the kitchen behind. Every day I do another … Read More

Green Machines

January 24, 2007Disaster, Studio

Because there was so much water released in the offices by the broken sprinkler system (first it rained, then it flooded), the whole place has to be dried out to prevent mildew. So now there are about forty noisey green machines –high-powered fans and dehumidifiers — running night and day. It’s a little like trying … Read More

From Bad to Worse

January 19, 2007Disaster, Studio

Another day breaks in the crystal forest. Meanwhile, news from the inside isn’t good… Even though we’ve been running generators around the clock to keep things above freezing, the 4 degree weather for two nights in a row with no power got us. The fire sprinkler system in the ceiling at the studio frozen and … Read More

Vote in the FiberArts studio competition

January 8, 2007Press, Studio

Yay, I’m a finalist in the FiberArts Magazine studio contest! I’m not sure why I entered, except that the fact that the prizes are mysteriously not named added a little intrique to the whole thing. It about killed me to enter, because the deadline to submit photos and written information was the same day that … Read More

Late Date Men

November 16, 2006Drawings, Process, Studio

I got my hair done today. No, really I did get it cut (I have to every four weeks because it’s so short), but I don’t really put my hair up in curlers nowadays, although I have been known to do so a long, long time ago. This is actually part of one of the … Read More

Intentional UFO

October 30, 2006Process, Studio

A few weeks ago I was talking with the faculty at the university where I’ll be having a solo show starting in December, and they suggested showing some work-in-progress so the students can see how I work. I thought this would be a great idea, and got excited about not finishing this piece “Alien Invasion” … Read More

Muscle Memory

August 31, 2006Process, Studio

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to spend less time on the computer and more time in the studio. The bad news is I’m behind on blogging and email. But the good news is I’m halfway done quilting this big work, and I’ve got another quilt cut out on the design wall and and … Read More