Panbanisha and the Ghost Bike

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It’s not often that something I create is controversial. Or perhaps I should say, misunderstood. Earlier this month, in memory for Panbanisha the famous bonobo who knew language through years of growing up in a conversation and story-rich environment created by her human caretakers, Russ and I created


How to take a Photo of the iPhone5

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I thought it was silly when I saw this headline on the web, but then I thought  — if you are using it as your camera, how do you take the photo? My solution – my old iPhone. So I did a quick self portrait holding the iPhone5. No Photoshop involved, just took the photo, then emailed it to myself, …

PaMdora and the Malware Monster

PaMdora and the Malware Monster

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Of the many things I’m thankful for today, one is getting my blog back. I’m sorry to all you that have tried to visit in the last couple of weeks and gotten the scary Google warnings. And thanks to everyone who contacted me about them. It’s funny how you can take things for granted, but someone tries to take it …


Prehistoric Laptop

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Working on drawings of old abandoned technology for another project, I was distracted when Russ dragged his first computer out of the storage room. Honestly, at first I thought it was an old sewing machine. Then I found out it was a prehistoric portable computer called the Osborne. Can you believe this thing? The bottom of the case unhooks and …

Magic Mouse and not the Disney Kind

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A really cool gift this year just arrived late this weekend. A Magic Mouse — in its own specially formed clear plastic case. I don’t know why it instantly reminded me of Cinderella’s clear glass slipper and at the same time, Sleeping Beauty in a perfect clear casket. Too much coffee maybe? But wait! Wasn’t it one bite of the …

On the Road to a Better Blog

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I’m not talking about appearances, I’m talking about structure. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know the look of PaMdora’s box hasn’t changed much over the last couple of years. But I’ve been writing here about four years total, and there have been a variety of looks. Yesterday I played around with a few different WordPress themes, to find …

The Power of WordPress

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Self-imposed WordPress camp, that’s where I’ve been the for the last couple of weeks. It’s not a real camp, but just me with my laptop on the dining room table hooked up to the internet. But I like to use the term to describe the intensity with which I’ve been learning how to better use WordPress. For those who don’t …

The Velcro-neutralizer

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If I was a genius, I’d invent silent Velcro. To avoid that embarrassment of opening my new laptop bag in a quiet place, making that horrible rrrriiipp noise. Here’s another use: too many zipper and velcro noises in short time cause anxiety in my dog, who realizes that this maybe an indication of packing for a long trip. Probably scares …


Some of my favorite organizational tools

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Usually I take a stab at re-organization at various times throughout the year, not just at the New Year. But this seems like a good time to mention my favorites. (Sorry PC users, but I think these are all mac-only programs. Although I still use a desktop PC, my main laptop is a Mac.) • OmniFocus – fluid to-do list …