How to be in two places at once

October 17, 2008Process, Quilts, Studio, Tech 5 Comments

The editor at the last book I submitted photos to complained that my photos were not good enough, so I’ve been working on my photography. Something cool I learned this week was how to use the auto-timer on the camera. So I can set up the camera on the tripod, then run around to get … Read More

Meet me in St. Louis

August 25, 2008Drawings, Tech 8 Comments

Getting work done for an upcoming show has trashed my healthy schedule of working out followed by a big breakfast of fruit, yogurt, coffee, eggs and rice. It seems like weeks that I’ve been getting up at some unearthly hour to squeeze in a little more work, and am starting to skip the workout and … Read More

Sew “Modern” vintage sewing machine

May 26, 2008Tech, Vintage Stuff 59 Comments

As promised, here’s my prize snag at the 51st Brownsville flea market and craft festival. It’s a Modern sewing machine made in Japan, and actually my eagle-eyed husband spotted it sitting inside an ugly white plastic case in the mud just outside of a woman’s tent who said it belonged to her mother. Rather than … Read More

Back in the Groove

March 21, 2008Drawings, Inspiration, Studio, Tech 7 Comments

Nice monitor huh? Got for my birthday, and it plugs into my laptop to give me two screens for drawing and looking at reference material. Drawing for quilts is different than just drawing, because I have to remember that eventually it will be used as a pattern, and that I have be able to construct … Read More


March 20, 2008Tech 3 Comments

Lisa asked me why I signed up for Twitter, did I see any value in it? Not really, I’m just intrigued by the idea of disembodied quotes floating around in cyberspace. It’s like a mini-blog, but there’s no commitment and no images, you can just pop in and out whenever you feel like it. I … Read More

This is Only a Test

January 17, 2008Tech 8 Comments

If you’re visiting today, don’t be alarmed by frequent changes in the appearance of PaMdora’s Box. I’m just playing around with different themes in WordPress. A girl can’t wear the same thing everyday, can she? Can anyone tell me what the different between “categories” and “tags” are? I’ve finally upgraded my WordPress which includes capabilities … Read More

Getting Things Done

December 29, 2007Studio, Tech 6 Comments

Early in December I read Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (I’m a sucker for anything that has Art in the title) by David Allen — a book that really speaks to me. For the first time, I’ve found an organizational philosophy fits my lifestyle. I’ve also been beta-testing a new Mac project … Read More

Drawing Big Cats…

November 26, 2007Drawings, Tech 8 Comments

Russ upgraded my Mac to the new Leopard operating system, so I’ve been drawing that and all the previous big cat OS X operating systems. The biggest change so far I’ve noticed is in my mail program — lots of improvements such as a built-in to-do lists that links directly with my calendar. Maybe now … Read More

Why an Email list and Not a Blog?

November 19, 2007Tech 4 Comments

Update in 2009: Actually this email list didn’t work, so Alyson was right. I’ve dropped closed the email list, and started another blog that’s a blend of art, business, creative networking, and innovation called the Creative Brain Blog. To my last post, Alyson asked if I considered organizing a blog instead of an email list. … Read More

Artslist: starting a new regional group from scratch

November 16, 2007Tech 1 Comment

  Several years ago when I was just starting to study books and magazine articles about art quilts (mostly at night in bed just before I fell asleep), I joined the Quiltart email list group. I can’t remember how I found out about it, or what compelled me to subscribe. But I did, and suddenly … Read More