The Artist Persona

October 8, 2007Press, Tech 10 Comments

My husband says Picasso always stared bug-eyed into the camera, so I did a little looking and found that he did look bug-eyed when he was young and old. I guess this is how he perceived himself, or maybe how he wanted others to perceive him, judging from these painted self-portraits from 1907 and 1972. … Read More

The Moody Photographer

October 7, 2007Tech 20 Comments

Last week I was supposed to send my head in a photo to a magazine for an article that will hopefully appear in December. But I dreaded going to a studio and getting a portrait done, and actually never got around to making an appointment. So this weekend I set up some lights and a … Read More

Food Pyramid Redux

September 23, 2007Process, Tech 12 Comments

Finally a pot I’ve had on the back burner all summer has started to boil. If you remember, I started another food-inspired project and then stalled out. I thought the problem was color and some of you tried to help me out with lots of comments, thank you very much, especially Del who sent me … Read More

Art or Toast?

September 2, 2007Drawings, Process, Tech 9 Comments

Doesn’t it get you down sometimes — bills, phone calls, business, legal mumbo-jumbo, everyday get-under-your-skin, little pesky stuff? I’m about ready to punt the business of art, and just make some ART! or toast, whatever comes first. Can’t help myself, but everytime I finally get a drawing ready and it starts to come out of … Read More

New Subscription Buttons

March 27, 2007Tech No Comments

2009 update: These buttons are gone until I get the new blog format finished. sorry! I’ve just added two ways for you to subscribe to my blog. Enter your email address in the FeedBlitz box on the right to receive updates by email. Or use the BlogLines button to set up and add PaMdora’s Box … Read More

Thanks for the votes!

March 26, 2007Press, Tech 6 Comments

Well, at least my fabric didn’t get wet…. It would have be heck to wash, dry, and iron all this again. Thanks for all the votes in the FiberArts magazine studio contest! FiberArts emailed me that I won in the Best Stash category. Actually they’re the ones who made up the categories based on the … Read More

Getting Back on the Horse

February 27, 2007Tech 6 Comments

PaMdora’s back! Maybe not in full strength, but she’s getting there… In cleaning up my hard drive, I happily found this old template for the blog. It’s a couple of years old so it doesn’t have my blog links, but it will do for now. However I wasn’t too worried about recovering it because I’ve … Read More

Spy Phone

January 23, 2006Tech No Comments

I kept telling Russ that I wanted a spy camera. I’m not sure when my fixation with being a spy started, probably back when I read Harriet The Spy for the first time. Being a loving husband who also loves gadgets, he got a Trio phone for my birthday last November. But as usual it … Read More