Tulips in the Garden

I planted a lot of tulips last fall. Well actually, a few in the fall and a lot in the winter. For a while I was driving around with boxes of bulbs in my car and kept meaning to plant them, just never seemed to find the time. So I guess it worked, the freezing thing that tulip bulbs need to do over the winter so they can bloom in the spring. They just did it in my car. Transient bulbs I guess.

And it did work pretty well until a gang of deer showed up for brunch. They ate a lot of the newly sprouted leaves, and then dug up and stomped on a whole bed of specialty tulips that I had ordered from from some catalog. Those probably would have been really nice, sigh.

I tried putting some of the car-frozen bulbs into pots to see if I could force them. They did sort of grow, but weakly. I guess I should have talked nicely, instead of trying to force them. Then I tried digging up some of the blooms and put them into pots. They were all floppy so I used wrapping paper and ribbon to hold them up. Too much work!

So tomorrow I’ll just cut a bunch, stick them in jars, and deliver to quarantined neighbors like I usually do. But TULIPS! 🙂

2012 – Year of the Dragon

A nice surprise came in the mail yesterday – a dragon!

2012 being the year of the Dragon, our Japanese friends Kazuko and Takehiko sent us a beautiful new year’s card and calendar. I love this guy because he’s friendly, comical, happy, fierce, and a little goofy all wrapped into one swirly mist. I’m sure K+T had fun picking him out, and they did a great job.

I’m wondering what the dragon is holding. Seems I faintly remember some folk tale about a pearl. Or maybe it’s the moon? I’ll email Japan to ask, but if you know the story let me know.

After a quick assessment of the dragon’s personality, I was totally shocked when I turned the calendar over. It’s all custom woven textile art, even the numbers. The back is another completely different work of art – a different mood, subject, creating a whole different thought process.

I often turn my own work over and study the back, intrigued at how different the two sides can be.

There’s a lot to relish about mail from another country. Here’s the beautiful postmark from Isesaki, Japan.

Flat Cat


Yesterday I saw this flat cat in the neighbor’s driveway, so I stopped the car to find out why he was so flat.

flatcat2.jpg This was the answer. And this tense little stand-off continued for some time, both the cat and bunny completely oblivious to me getting out of the car and snapping photos.


Don’t fear for the bunny though. He got away after the neighbor finally came out of her house with a puff-ball duster on a stick and chased the cat away.

On another note, I’ve been sort of a flat cat for a while, but trying to kick-start the creative engines again. Maybe I someone to chase me with a puff-ball duster! But I do have another post in the que about making a gratitude journal book cover, so that’s coming up.

Do the donuts


No kidding, this morning I woke up to the sound of an alien ship landing in the bedroom. Turns out, someone changed the alarm buzzer on their iPhone. I didn’t know it could do such a good alien spaceship noise.

Then I found out that I had to pick up donuts for the meeting Russ was hosting at our studio today — an Art Attack meeting for a coalition of public policy makers strategizing how to promote more local public art.

Happily there is a donut factory only two buildings over from our studio. I love going in there an watching all the cute little donuts riding along down the conveyor belt, unsuspecting of their final destination.

Not sure why I’m writing, but my brain is little unraveled today, trying to think what I’m going to say tomorrow for an eclectic group at the gallery, and numerous other deadlines lurking in the shadows of the weekend. But today the sun is finally shining, and we are able to drive with the windows down — so it’s a good day!

More Distressed Jean Projects


Yikes, someone dropped a plane-load of relatives off at our house over the MLK weekend, so it was off to the studio for Distressed Jeans 201 (for 101 see this post two years ago.)

Heather picked pink stars to spell her name and the Japanese symbol for Love, but I was a little surprised when Sol picked a Jane Sassaman fabric to wrap his name around the leg of his jeans…


jeans2.jpgIn fact it was about a nine-step process from scale drawings to sewing to accomplish it the way he envisioned. Not to mention the additional bleaching, washings, and distressing with power tools.


But Sol is an artistic guy and always painting his shirts and shoes to make them unique. When I asked him what the girls think of his flamboyant clothes, he said, “Why do you think I do it?”

Evidence of Ghosts



After bringing the scaffolding home from the studio, rigging an old sushi restaurant sign on top, and lighting it for two nights, the neighborhood was primed for the KaBOOki HauNted SuSHi BaR.

kabuki_house.jpgWe got around 600+ kids and lots of curious adults. It was great fun to have them explain their costumes before they ordered from the sushi bar, and actually turned into a long line for most the evening. Lots of ninja, goth cheerleaders, spider men and women, and a few chickens and dinosaurs.

sushibar.jpg Not many people have a Hoshizaki sushi cooler to serve candy. For the kids who actually WANTED sushi, I had to explain the chef called in sick, and we only had candy and cookies.

After most of the trick-or-treaters left, a ghost visited our house. I got this photo as evidence, but later found out the ghost was actually a remote-control invention built on a wheelchair base. I guess craziness attracts craziness. But what do you expect from a girl in a retro kimono, ghoul face, and swiss cheese watch?


KaBOOki: The HAunTed SusHI BaR


We’re getting the snakes out for Halloween this year. I made these a few years ago — not sure what inspired me to create 30 foot long snakes but I guess living with a sculptor makes me want to work BIG. They are stuffed with foam packing peanuts, so they sound a little crunchy.

This year’s Halloween theme is KaBOOki: the HAunTed SusHI BaR. On the menu: squirrmy wormmy sushi rolls, miserable miso soup, Frankenstein tofu, ghastly green tea, and whatever else I can cook up, hehe.

Just kidding, we have lots of candy for the kids. LOTS of candy — we’ll probably get 500+ kids if the weather is nice. More pix later!


Tagged again


I’ve been tagged again by Thelma and Jane. This happened to me earlier this summer, and I blew it off, so now I’m trying to make amends. Also I’m tagging Judy, Susan, Cynthia, Roz, Susie, Sandy, and Joanie they don’t seem to have been tagged yet, and they seem like good sports. Apparently you have to list 7 odd things about yourself, and pass it on to the next seven:

1. When I was a kid I used to obsessively draw and collect ladybugs.

2. I spent all day on this stupid ladybug. (Okay, there was also lots of blog surfing, reading Photoshop tutorials, and checking the mailbox for a show rejection I’m expecting. Oh yeah, and that emergency trip to Barnes and Noble to look at books, and then there was that hour that I spent trying to draw my brain…)

3. I don’t like donuts, except for the white powdered mini ones that are full of chemicals that I buy at gas station shops (I do squeeze them first to see if they are remotely fresh.)

4. I like to look at Japanese craft books, although I can’t read them.

5. Sometimes, okay a lot of times, I accidentally swallow my gum. My husband says it’s building up inside my stomach, and someday I’ll explode.

6. I am just relearning how to use Layers in Photoshop because somehow I forgot everything I knew.

7. My brain is like a funnel. It takes a lot in, but there seems to be a leak.