2012 – Year of the Dragon

January 16, 2012uncategorized 3 Comments

A nice surprise came in the mail yesterday – a dragon! 2012 being the year of the Dragon, our Japanese friends Kazuko and Takehiko sent us a beautiful new year’s card and calendar. I love this guy because he’s friendly, comical, happy, fierce, and a little goofy all wrapped into one swirly mist. I’m sure … Read More

Flat Cat

May 2, 2009uncategorized 11 Comments

Yesterday I saw this flat cat in the neighbor’s driveway, so I stopped the car to find out why he was so flat. This was the answer. And this tense little stand-off continued for some time, both the cat and bunny completely oblivious to me getting out of the car and snapping photos. Don’t fear … Read More

Do the donuts

February 25, 2009uncategorized 8 Comments

No kidding, this morning I woke up to the sound of an alien ship landing in the bedroom. Turns out, someone changed the alarm buzzer on their iPhone. I didn’t know it could do such a good alien spaceship noise. Then I found out that I had to pick up donuts for the meeting Russ … Read More


February 14, 2008uncategorized 1 Comment

Happy Valentine’s Day! And now that I’m home, I’ll post some photos tomorrow and see if you can guess where I’ve been!

More Distressed Jean Projects

January 24, 2008uncategorized 5 Comments

Yikes, someone dropped a plane-load of relatives off at our house over the MLK weekend, so it was off to the studio for Distressed Jeans 201 (for 101 see this post two years ago.) Heather picked pink stars to spell her name and the Japanese symbol for Love, but I was a little surprised when … Read More

Evidence of Ghosts

October 31, 2007uncategorized 10 Comments

After bringing the scaffolding home from the studio, rigging an old sushi restaurant sign on top, and lighting it for two nights, the neighborhood was primed for the KaBOOki HauNted SuSHi BaR. We got around 600+ kids and lots of curious adults. It was great fun to have them explain their costumes before they ordered … Read More

KaBOOki: The HAunTed SusHI BaR

October 31, 2007uncategorized 7 Comments

We’re getting the snakes out for Halloween this year. I made these a few years ago — not sure what inspired me to create 30 foot long snakes but I guess living with a sculptor makes me want to work BIG. They are stuffed with foam packing peanuts, so they sound a little crunchy. This … Read More

Tagged again

October 23, 2007uncategorized 9 Comments

I’ve been tagged again by Thelma and Jane. This happened to me earlier this summer, and I blew it off, so now I’m trying to make amends. Also I’m tagging Judy, Susan, Cynthia, Roz, Susie, Sandy, and Joanie they don’t seem to have been tagged yet, and they seem like good sports. Apparently you have … Read More

Thread Said

June 2, 2007uncategorized 8 Comments

I’ve been having lots of ideas for new things to try, and here’s another doodle — I’m calling it the Thread Said series. Don’t know where it’s going though, just playing around. I think it’s important to play, and summer seems like a good time to do it.