The Artist Statement

June 1, 2007uncategorized 5 Comments

Sherrie asked what I meant by “Artist Statement” in the last post. It’s not a silly question — I didn’t know what one was before I started entering shows a few years ago. But you get asked for them a lot, sometimes in the entry form, or later, if you’re accepted into the show. There … Read More

Habitat for Birds

May 4, 2007uncategorized 5 Comments

Recently I made friends with Carla through her cool shop called Patische Decor. I love her shop, so I keep going there to buy gifts for people, but it’s just an excuse to hang out and soak up the atmosphere. Tonight Carla is hosting an auction of artist-designed bird houses to raise money for Habitats … Read More

Alaska Special Delivery

April 30, 2007uncategorized No Comments

A beautifully wrapped package arrived this weekend, and I can’t decide what’s better — the wrapping or the contents. As for the wrapping, I’ve never seen such a creative job, especially the magic cloth on the outside. How do I know it’s magic? It’s covered in magic sparkles, that’s how. But the contents are really … Read More

Pin Cushion Genius!

April 16, 2007uncategorized 4 Comments

I have many wrist-pincushions that I’ve tried over the past few years. One came from discount sewing stores and are uncomfortable and ugly. (although Kayne always wore the same one on Project Runway.) I had great hopes for the one I got from a French sewing company last fall. But alas, it’s very heavy on … Read More

Support Art Teachers

March 11, 2007uncategorized 3 Comments

This is a T-shirt Russ often wears at sculpture installations. Although Russ and I aren’t teachers, we’ve always done what little we could to support art teachers in our area — things like giving poster board for school art exhibitions, helping facilitate school art exchanges with other countries, and when school budgets are being cut, … Read More

2007 Missouri Arts Awards

February 11, 2007uncategorized 9 Comments

On Wednesday, we were at the capital for the 2007 Missouri Art Awards. Here is Russ standing between Missouri State Govenor Blunt and the First Lady, just after he received recognition in the Individual Artist category — the highest honor an artist can receive in the State of Missouri. The ceremony was held at the … Read More

Russ’s Award

February 4, 2007uncategorized 7 Comments

Not all the news from RuBert Studios is bad. On Wednesday, we’ll be traveling to the state capital for Russ to recieve his award from Govenor Blunt and the Missouri Arts Council. Each year the State of Missouri recognizes only one individual artist (including performing artists), so this is a huge honor. The award ceremony … Read More

Refrigerator Art

January 7, 2007uncategorized 6 Comments

Around here we celebrate the New Year’s most all of January. Some people make New Year’s resolutions on January one, but I usually have to start with something like a rough sketch and fiddle around with it for the whole month. This arrangement is on a refrigerator in our kitchen. I’ve covered it with magnetic … Read More

New Year’s Yoga Mala

January 2, 2007uncategorized 5 Comments

Happy New Year’s everyone! Okay, I admit it — I have been a blog slug for the past three weeks, and am trying my best to rise out of slugdom. But really, wasn’t it only a few hours ago that Dick Clark’s countdown was on tv, and we were opening the headache-inducing champagne. At midnight, … Read More

Yummy Halloween Treats

October 24, 2006uncategorized No Comments

Yuummm! Plate full of eyeballs….sounds good coming up on Halloween, doesn’t it? Actually I baked these this morning using Sculpty for my current quilt, Alien Invasion, so they’re not for eating. And what’s an alien invasion without an abducted cow? I have to laugh as I make things like barns and cows for this quilt … Read More