Houston Calling

September 19, 2006uncategorized No Comments

Quilts Inc. called today and left a message. My quilt won a cash award. I wonder what it is???? I’m happy, but won’t know what it is until the end of October at the International Quilt Festival. Ever have trouble deciding what to wear? Stripes are slimming, but then bold prints make such a great … Read More

Red Red Red

April 5, 2006uncategorized No Comments

I really have been working like mad to get this quilt done before I leave for Philadelphia tomorrow for the opening of the Art Quilts at the Sedgwick show. See I even got my dentist in it now. But finally admitting defeat, I turned my attention instead to getting out a mailing of stuff for … Read More

What to when You’re Sick?

February 11, 2006uncategorized No Comments

Emmie was half right! Rita, Penelope, and George were based on real people. Matty and Tish were completely made up. It’s been a week since I posted anything, because I’ve been sick and in bed all week. Haven’t done anything except read and draw my new Valentine’s Day header. Here’s some books I read that … Read More

Viking Mega Quilter

December 9, 2005uncategorized 2 Comments

Here’s a photo of my new Viking Mega Quilter next to my Bernina Artista 180. You can see how much bigger the area under the arm is. Great for quilting bigger projects. I won a Viking Quilt Designer II and although it’s a great machine, it duplicates many things on my Bernina that I never … Read More

Art Car Museum

November 23, 2005Journeys, uncategorized No Comments

When I saw this sign laying around Mark Bradford’s studio, it reminded me of all the metal valentines I’ve gotten from Russ. Luckily we live in the same house — can you imagine the postage?! Anyway, while Houston we did get to the Art Car Musem, not easy to find and less easy to park … Read More

Husqvarna Awards

November 1, 2005uncategorized 1 Comment

I didn’t realize the Husqvarna Awards would be such a big thing until getting to the IQA Festival in Houston. We had a private dinner with a bunch of Husqvarna and Quilt Festival VIPs on Wednesday, and then an awards luncheon the next day. It was fun getting to know the other winners — Helen … Read More

Bizarre Barbies

October 31, 2005uncategorized No Comments

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, but for the last couple of years, we’ve been traveling too much to really go all out on decorations and parties. We used to have big costume parties at the studio, and to celebrate the creations of our adventurous guests, we gave away Bizarre Barbie Awards. No … Read More

Escape from the International Quilt Festival

October 29, 2005uncategorized 1 Comment

“Help!! PaMdora and I are being held prisoner by a mysterious force field!” Just kidding, I think it’s some sort of tape barrier that is used to surround all the quilts at the International Quilt Festival going on in Houston right now, I suppose to keep the hoards from getting a little too touchy. We’re … Read More

20 Things about Me

October 19, 2005uncategorized No Comments

Holly tagged me, so here goes — Twenty Things about Me. My favorite subject, of course! 1. In high school I accidently set fire to my junior class homecoming float. 2. One of my earliest memories is making snow angels. That’s where you lay on your back in freshly fallen snow and move your arms … Read More

Awful Plastic Surgery

October 9, 2005uncategorized No Comments

A current patient in need of plastic surgery. Unfortunately his head won’t fit under the sewing machine foot, so we’ll have to resort to hand stitching. Well, it doesn’t look so good, but at least his stuffing has quit leaking out. It’s ugly, but I’m not sure it really warrants a post on this creepy … Read More