Kitchen inspired Stitching

May 29, 2011Vintage Stuff 9 Comments

For all my foodie friends out there, here’s a food art alert. I haven’t been blogging lately because I’m focused on developing some new work for a show themed on Food. High-brow, low-brow, you know I love both kinds of food. So there will be some junk food, some fine dining, and the usual cast … Read More

Lunch Table Set

October 30, 2010Randomness, Vintage Stuff 12 Comments

Auctions are a great place to get art supplies, and I especially like industrial auctions. It’s usually dirty, noisy, and sometimes too many smokers show up, but it’s a chance to poke around in factories and other places you wouldn’t ordinarily be allowed. It’s also a  social event, you often see some of the same … Read More

Knitting and Vintage Labels

February 9, 2010Blog, Projects, Vintage Stuff 9 Comments

What is it about snow that makes me want to knit?? Honestly, I don’t think about it for a year, then when the snow flakes start to fly, I’m digging around in the closet looking for some old project to resurrect. I guess I started this scarf one or two years ago. It’s a way … Read More

Thanksgiving with Vintage & Community Cookbooks

November 25, 2009Vintage Stuff 17 Comments

It’s that time of year (and rare) when I drag out all the cookbooks and pore over them. This Hawaiian cookbook is a little gem that I inherited. It’s only about 4″ x 7″ so it’s sweet to hold. The book was published by Peter Pauper Press in the 60’s with “decorations” (I assume the … Read More

Vintage Photo Friday

September 4, 2009Vintage Stuff 4 Comments

Once I took this class jointly taught by a poet and a photographer. The class was called “image and text” and we did all sorts of interesting projects that I should write up, because they could be the starting inspiration for others too. One project was to find an old photograph or series of photos … Read More