Circular Writing is like Circular Knitting

September 16, 2009Blogging, Featured, Writing

I used to think that writing was a linear thing, and it can be if you’re telling a story. Then blogs came along, and it seemed to make sense to write and post things in order, because in the beginning they were kind of just an online diary of events or ideas. Now there’s the … Read More

The Power of WordPress

September 3, 2009Blogging, Tech, Writing

Self-imposed WordPress camp, that’s where I’ve been the for the last couple of weeks. It’s not a real camp, but just me with my laptop on the dining room table hooked up to the internet. But I like to use the term to describe the intensity with which I’ve been learning how to better use … Read More

Did I say that? (less is more)

June 11, 2009Exhibitions, Press, Writing

When I first got into some art shows and was asked for an artist statement, I often spent a lot of time at the word processor — refining and tweaking and trying to cram as many power-packed poetic words into the space allowed. Type…..check the word count…..retype……check the word count. Now after a year of … Read More

Muse On-Line Writers Conference

October 13, 2007Writing

Before I launch in Seattle stuff, I want to tell you about last week’s Muse On-line Writers Conference. It was a free conference that I found through an on-line writers group I recently joined. For a week, people from all over participated in live chats and workshops with publishers, promoters, writers and illustrators, and a … Read More

Lesson from a Writer

August 2, 2007Painting, Writing

Where have you been? you’re probably asking… I don’t know really, just bouncing off the ceiling like a silly thing. Seems lately I’ve either had the opportunity to meet creative people or just take a big bath in the wash of their creations. In the studio, it’s been hot hot HOT, so I have had … Read More

Yoga, the Moon, and the Zone

January 25, 2005Blogging, Writing

This morning the old 1904 part of the house where I normally do yoga was freezing! I guess the radiator heat system is broken. Not being able to do my yoga there, I moved my mat, quilts, and other yoga props into the new part of house. At first I was disgruntled by the uneven … Read More