You Call That Art?

March 12, 2005uncategorized

Okay, I’m all hot about something, so I’m going to get on my soapbox. Last night on ABC News 20/20 there was a editorial piece called “You Call That Art?” and it made me mad. Here’s a link to the author’s viewpoint.While the author did mention the most obviously controversial art pieces like The Gates … Read More

Cell Cat on a Date

March 12, 2005Process

I finished this little quilt today. I know I said that I wasn’t going to make any more little quilts, but I already had a little Cell Cat left over from another quilt, so I thought, how long can it take to work it into something… Here’s the pattern. But as you can see, I … Read More

The Gates article

March 11, 2005Sculpture

It’s been a big week for publicity at the studio. Russ was interviewed by a local TV news station and the piece aired tonight. Also he wrote a guest feature article about The Gates for Thursday’s NewsLeader. He doesn’t really consider himself a writer, so I was proud of him for doing it. They published … Read More

On the Sofa Again

March 7, 2005uncategorized

We went on the First Friday art walks this weekend, especially to see the ceramics show by our friend Keith. After the art walks, we all went to Keith and Sue’s house for a post-party. It was nice to be around all those artists, mostly clay people, but the most interesting guest was definately the … Read More

Wicked Wendy

March 4, 2005Drawings

After watching the finale of Project Runway, I did this PhotoShop collage with altered orgami paper, old magazine ads, and the font Kiddie Cocktails from Although I put skulls on the girls’ dresses, it still looks like it needs something else…daggers coming out of their eyes maybe. I wasn’t really interested in Project Runway … Read More

Cell Cat on a Date

March 1, 2005Drawings

Not much time to do art this weekend because we had lots of company. I did finish this drawing, and also received a postcard from our friend Frances Paley whose art photography shows will be opening this month in Florida.