NYC Garment District

February 17, 2005Journeys

After messing around far too long with my blog because the archives weren’t working right, I took off to explore the NYC Garment District. I seem to make every trip I take into a mission and this time it was to find fabric. This is not new. Last fall I took a cab all the … Read More

Visiting Christo’s Gates

February 16, 2005Journeys

Yesterday we experienced Christo’s Gates in Central Park twice. Once before a lunch with the ISC, and then second time, after dark. In between we visited a fantastic exhibit of Tim Hawkinson at the Whitney (with a quick trip to the basement to buy something out of the Art-O-Mat machine), stopped by an Antony Caro … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2005uncategorized

Here’s a valentine I made today–no, actually I started it a couple of weeks ago. Then I stopped because I thought I would give Russ a drawing I’m working on called “The Garlic Eaters.” Then I decided he might not think that was very romantic (but really it will be in a strange way.) So … Read More

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

February 13, 2005Quilts

Well, that answers that question. I was wondering how I would like working this small, but didn’t really like it. This it called In Bed with a Bad Cold, and it’s only 14″ x 9″. I had all kinds of trouble figuring out how to finish the edges without a binding and kind of made … Read More

Alternative Wedding Cake Toppers

February 12, 2005uncategorized

While I’m on the subject of weddings, I saw this yesterday in a Giant Robot Lounge discussion about alternative wedding cake toppers. Giant Robot is a kind of a hip art and culture Asian-American magazine. The lounge discussions crack me up, and I like to drop in once in a while when I’m feeling stodgy. … Read More

Wedding Photo Teaser

February 11, 2005uncategorized

When Melody asked me to post photos from my wedding, I thought great! Then I remembered that was back in the olden days before there were digital cameras. So I have boxes of photos, but none on my computer. I got out the photos, had a few chuckles, and thought about scanning some which would … Read More