Bad Cold WIP

February 11, 2005Process

Here’s what I worked on this afternoon, the In Cold with a Bad Cold quilt for the Keiko show. I’m having a hard time working this small, it’s only 14″ x 9″. When I drew it, I tried to create a simple image, but as usual, I want to put in more little stuff, like … Read More

Rock Climbing Wall part 2

February 10, 2005uncategorized

Well here’s a photo of me really climbing the wall today at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. I made it to the top again, and only bashed one knuckle resulting in a little blood, and only slightly strained the muscles in my mouse forearm. But I was totally shown up by Ralph, the mayor pro-tem, who’s in … Read More

Fear of Heights & Weddings

February 9, 2005Drawings

Ever tried climbing up one of those manufactured rock-climbing walls? I never have until yesterday. I serve on our regional Parkboard, and although I’m not really into golf or softball or tennis, I am kind of a cheerleader for alternative things in our parks, like the skatepark, the dog park, and now the rock-climbing wall. … Read More

In Bed with a Bad Cold

February 7, 2005Drawings

Here’s a drawing I did tonight in sympathy for all my friends who have a bad cold. Maybe I’ll try to make it into a small quilt for the Keiko show.

Photos: Gallery Cloud Nine

February 5, 2005Exhibitions, Uncommon Threads

The First Friday Art Walk fell on February 4th and on the second day of our show. Actually this was planned. I’m still wondering about the timing, but still think it was good to have the Artist’s Reception the night before. Although most of the out of town artists couldn’t stay over for Friday, I … Read More

Uncommon Threads: Artists’ Reception

February 5, 2005Exhibitions, Uncommon Threads

Lettie Blackburn points to the first sale of the show. After the newspaper article came out Thursday morning, people started coming into the gallery right after lunch. This piece actually sold before the reception. You can see along this wall of the gallery that we had several smaller quilts framed. Laura also mixed other media … Read More