Uncommon Threads: Hanging the Show

February 5, 2005Exhibitions, Uncommon Threads

I’m finally getting around to posting photos from the gallery show. It was a snowy February morning, but we got off to a good start on the first floor after hanging Lucy Silliman’s huge quilt. These wonderful photos are all courtesy of my “magic with the camera” husband Russ RuBert. Gallery manager Laura Lacey hangs … Read More

Hanging the Show

February 3, 2005Uncommon Threads

Yesterday we spent a LONG day at Hawthorn Gallery hanging the 70+ quilts for our show. Everyone pitched in a worked together beautifully, but still by the end of the day, my brain felt like the snow on the road home–like cold, gray mush. One humorous moment at lunch at the retro Gailey’s Breakfast Bar, … Read More

Great Press

February 3, 2005Uncommon Threads

Well I tried and tried from home, but since my knowledge of html is pathetic, I couldn’t figure out how to put this link on. For some reason, the blogger interface is different on my mac at home than on my pc here at the studio. Anyway, here’s the link to our newspaper article about … Read More

White Powdered Donuts

January 31, 2005Sculpture

Yesterday I was late again to the studio. If I had a real boss, I’d be fired by now. But Russ and I spent the morning taking our old boiler apart. It’s broken and the old part of the house is sucking the heat from the rest of the rooms. I liked learning about how … Read More

Slugfest (with fabric)

January 30, 2005Process

The reason I called it a slugfest yesterday: I have all these great fabrics on the shelf screaming for attention. When I’m laying them out on my design table, I always feel like it’s big fight between patterns and colors, but it’s survival of the fittest. I’m waiting to see if the pink and purple … Read More

72 Art Quilts & 1 Drawing

January 29, 2005Drawings

This morning I did yoga in front of the big window again, and the falling snow was mesmerizing. It was beautiful last night also, falling heavily as I left the studio. This is the first snow we’ve had this year. Yesterday I was feeling like I got a whole lot of nothing done, because I’m … Read More