72 Art Quilts & 1 Drawing

January 29, 2005Drawings No Comments

This morning I did yoga in front of the big window again, and the falling snow was mesmerizing. It was beautiful last night also, falling heavily as I left the studio. This is the first snow we’ve had this year. Yesterday I was feeling like I got a whole lot of nothing done, because I’m … Read More

Yoga, the Moon, and the Zone

January 25, 2005Blogging, Writing 1 Comment

This morning the old 1904 part of the house where I normally do yoga was freezing! I guess the radiator heat system is broken. Not being able to do my yoga there, I moved my mat, quilts, and other yoga props into the new part of house. At first I was disgruntled by the uneven … Read More

Sushi Zen WIP

January 21, 2005Process, Quilts No Comments

It’s been really frustrating all week. I have all these ideas, lots of work to finish, and the group show coming up–but I haven’t been able to get any significant time in the studio. For some reason, my phone has been ringing non-stop with business calls, whah whah whah! Anyway, I really am about to … Read More

Cartoons in the Mail

January 20, 2005uncategorized No Comments

Spent another day futzing around with the postcards I’m sending out about our group show at Hawthorn Gallery. I don’t know why I have to be so picky, but as I was stuffing the cards into neon-colored envelopes, I suddenly realized that once people opened them and tossed the envelope, they would no longer have … Read More

The Crane Beast

January 17, 2005Sculpture No Comments

I was waiting for Russ to come home for dinner. And waiting. And waiting. Finally I called him, and he wasn’t coming home because he was trying to move the crane from the front of the studio to the back when it stalled. In the middle of the intersection in the street. So he stayed … Read More

Magic Carpet Ride

January 9, 2005Inspiration 1 Comment

I’ve been interested in learning creative meditation, so I decided to make up my own Meditation story. Today after my daily yoga routine, I lay on the floor and day-dreamed this magic carpet ride. I’m wearing a long white nightgown with puffy sleeves, my hair long and flowing. There are silver rings on my toes … Read More