Magic Carpet Ride

I’ve been interested in learning creative meditation, so I decided to make up my own Meditation story. Today after my daily yoga routine, I lay on the floor and day-dreamed this magic carpet ride.

I’m wearing a long white nightgown with puffy sleeves, my hair long and flowing. There are silver rings on my toes and the carpet is a thick, soft Persian carpet in deep purple and red colors.

I’m floating in a blue sky with little white fluffy clouds on the horizon. I’m a little hungry, but not worried because there’s a refrigerator on my magic carpet and it’s filled with all my favorite foods. A little later I’ll sit up and eat something with Charlie and Mary, who I just realized are on the magic carpet too.

The carpet is squishy soft with what seems to be hills and valleys, and I just now realize that I’m as big as a mountain and I’m really laying in hills of soft grass. Then I get up and eat breakfast.