retro lunch room chairs at a factory auction

Lunch Table Set

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Auctions are a great place to get art supplies, and I especially like industrial auctions. It’s usually dirty, noisy, and sometimes too many smokers show up, but it’s a chance to poke around in factories and other places you wouldn’t ordinarily be allowed. It’s also a  social event, you often see some of the same characters. Plus there’s usually donuts, …

Vintage Friday

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Long ago I told Paper Dolls for Boys that I would post vintage photos on Fridays, but I really haven’t got that many great vintage photos. I do however have a nice collection of mid-century cookbooks — many I found when I bought two big boxes of old papers at an auction. They appear to be the entire 1950-60’s Home …

Clay and Hearts

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Remember last year when I mentioned being struck down by ceramics by Lisa Naples? It was one of the those epiphany moments for me: Whoa — clay being used with texture, color, words, and images! >>>Update: Some how I missed linking to Lisa Naples main website here! Thanks Andy! <<< After that day I talked a lot around here about …


Vintage Christmas

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We’ve had housefuls of company this year, so I’ve had little time to make anything myself, but I always enjoy getting little vintage treasures out of their storage boxes. This is a nativity scene made from a coconut and other nuts that I found in a bucket in the basement of an old house during an estate auction. My grandmother …

Empty Spools

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I was wondering why I was collecting all the old wooden spools that I find at auctions, and now I’ve found one good reason. They are great for winding on this hand-dyed thread I bought from Laura Wasilowski when she was in town. I always wondered what people did with all that thread she sells. She has several different weights, …

Chinese Checkers

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Oh my, it was a beautiful day today…I saw a guy and a dog flying a kite in a big grassy field.  Actually I spend the morning inside drawing, not a good use of the fabulous weather, but I did get out in the afternoon to go to an auction, and got this great Chinese Checkers set. This one has …