Drawing Assassin

April 26, 2014Drawings

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a figure drawing session, perhaps since college. I thought I wouldn’t like it, but maybe I’ve learned some things since then. Maybe I’ve also learned some things from one of my favorite drawing books, The Tao of Sketching. With only five or ten minutes to make … Read More

Morning Song

April 9, 2014Drawings, Journeys

Early Saturday morning before dawn, we started the morning with poetry, bird calls, and frost on our feet. It was part of a sound installation sponsored by ideaXfactory designed and led by Gerard Nadeau of Drury University’s architecture department called Morning Song Evening Song. Starting Friday evening with a workshop led by Greater Ozarks Audubon members, we each … Read More

Drawing People who are Drawing

March 22, 2014Drawings, Sketchbooks

Here are some drawings I did last night at Arts & Letters Alternative Figure Drawing night. I like going to these things, but tend to back away from the crowd so I can also draw the drawers. It’s interesting to look at what materials people bring to draw with and how they hold their hands. … Read More

“Love is a….” sketch drawn by candlelight

January 15, 2011Drawings, Sketchbooks

My friend Stephanie inspired me to create a painting to donate to Hearts for the Arts — a silent gallery and on-line auction to raise money for arts education programs at the Creamery Arts Center. The auction will end February 4th, so winners will have time to give a piece of original art to a … Read More


April 28, 2010Drawings, Journeys, Sketchbooks

For those who have been wondering if I fell off the end of the earth, unfortunately for many weeks I was teleported to another dimension called Really Hard Work. Not just the brain-drain kind of hard work, but also the kind that completely wears you out by the end of the day. I was able … Read More

Photoshopping Drawings and other High Wire Acts

March 10, 2010Blog, Drawings, Sketchbooks

This is a rendering for larger project to be made in fabric. I’m pretty happy with the composition — it’s an interesting spin on a portrait of a single character as the center of interest with my typical busyness in the background. It’s also the first time I’ve combined natural drawing media and computer drawings … Read More


August 3, 2009Drawings

Finally got the poster design done for the Japanese Fall Festival, coming up September 11-13. I haven’t done one of these posters/T-shirt design for the Sister Cities association in about seven years. Here was the last one I did in kind of a wood-block style,  a couple of years before I started making cartoon quilts. … Read More

Musings on the Creamery Art Center

August 27, 2008Drawings, Sketchbooks

Gerrie asked about the motivation behind this new series “Wish You Were Hair” and it’s true it’s inspired by my collection of vintage postcards. Also my fascination with travel and world monuments and landmarks… But the real motivation — I can’t get out of mind the kids who come through the Creamery Arts Center. I’ve … Read More

Meet me in St. Louis

August 25, 2008Drawings, Tech

Getting work done for an upcoming show has trashed my healthy schedule of working out followed by a big breakfast of fruit, yogurt, coffee, eggs and rice. It seems like weeks that I’ve been getting up at some unearthly hour to squeeze in a little more work, and am starting to skip the workout and … Read More