3D Neonscapes by Russ RuBert

July 27, 2009Exhibitions, Other Artists, Sculpture

Don’t know why I like these two photos so much. Maybe it’s a little neon yin and yang? Maybe it’s because I just learned that the grill-shapes came from the eyes of Griff’s hamburger guy, who had eyes with hamburger grills in the middle. Russ has rescued a lot of vintage neon over the years, … Read More

Have Extension Cord, will travel

July 18, 2009Exhibitions, Journeys

Welcome to my temporary office. Please have a seat, if you don’t mind a small child-sized chair. I have to admit that I travel with ridiculous amounts of gadgets and electronics. But the most important thing I’ve learned is to also bring an extension cord. It’s much more fun to work in galleries than hotels. … Read More

ThreadLines 2008 and other opening nights

September 12, 2008Exhibitions, Quilts

ThreadLines opening last week was a huge success. The gallery was packed all night long, and the show looks amazing thanks to MSU Art & Design Gallery director Robin Lowe and her staff and of course all the wonderful artists who made and shipped their work. Jason Pollen was there to judge the quilts in … Read More

Hanging a Solo Gallery Show

January 18, 2008Exhibitions, Quilts

Last night as I was packing up quilts for my upcoming solo show at the Driskill Gallery, I was thinking one is easy to roll up and ship to a show, but sixteen is a lot to handle. Then I got to the gallery this morning, and I remembered why I started making art quilts … Read More