Creative Space and Time: Podcast with Ricë Freeman-Zachery

November 6, 2009Featured, Press

To write Creative Time and Space: Making Room for Making Art, Ricë Freeman-Zachery worked all last year getting a ton of information and tips out of twelve artists (including me). She also got great photos of artwork, drawings, quilts, sculptures, collages, sketchbooks, and studio space from everyone. For my contribution to the book, I think … Read More

Who do you owe?

July 30, 2009Inspiration

Sure, becoming an artist is a long rough path with lots of hard knocks. We all know that. But who do you owe — for tiny little favors or inspirations along the way? Although we often hear about mentors and role models, sometimes it’s the smallest of things that give us light and illuminate our … Read More

Postcards from the Past

June 27, 2008Inspiration, Vintage Stuff

These are some old postcards from my collection that have always intrigued me. I’ve always been fascinated by old monuments and far-away places, so I’m excited to get started on a new series…Today!!