American Visionary Art Museum

June 13, 2012Inspiration, Journeys, Other Artists

The American Visionary Art Museum is an wonderful place — three buildings of fantastic architecture dedicated to self-taught artists who follow their internal compass. The gift shop filled with art books and vintage toys and gimmicks was alone worth the trip around the Baltimore harbor on a rainy day.


April 28, 2010Drawings, Journeys, Sketchbooks

For those who have been wondering if I fell off the end of the earth, unfortunately for many weeks I was teleported to another dimension called Really Hard Work. Not just the brain-drain kind of hard work, but also the kind that completely wears you out by the end of the day. I was able … Read More

540 Stone Monks

March 3, 2010Blog, Drawings, Journeys

Here’s some pages from my Japan sketchbook. At the Kitain Temple in Kawagoe, there is a small plot of land with rows and rows of Buddhist monks, carved from stone between 1782 and 1825. A note on the guide sheet said no two are alike. It’s not just that the statues are all different – … Read More

Stop Making Sense

December 16, 2009Other Artists

Thank you David Byrne for reminding me of this. I don’t know if it’s too many committee meetings or the bah-humbugs, but lately I’d been feeling sort of sour on art. Then Friday we watched the 25th anniversary re-release of Stop Making Sense — a theatrical performance and concert movie conceived by Byrne and produced … Read More

Cover for a Gratitude Journal

May 3, 2009Inspiration, Quilting

Here’s a quickie project that was fun to make. I had a small quilt that I liked, but never finished. So I cut my favorite part out  — the swoopy loop stitching — backed it with two pieces of fabric and zig-zagged around the edges. Inside it has a pencil pocket, ribbon page marker and … Read More

Creative To Do Lists

May 22, 2008Mixed Media, Sketchbooks

Since recently I’ve had little time to make art, I got the idea to make creative to-do lists in my moleskine. The idea was to do an experimental page each morning, and since it was only a to-do list, I felt no inhibitions about creating a great work of art. It was merely a chance … Read More

Drawing from Life

November 19, 2007Drawings, Inspiration, Sketchbooks

This is a terrific book that I picked up in Seattle and since have been slowly relishing each page. Unlike many survey books that devote little more than a superficial paragraph and single photo for each subject, there are many photos from each journal featured, along with Jennifer New’s in-depth profile of each journal-keeper’s motivation, … Read More