Odd Characters in the Studio

Mostly I work alone in my studio, but it often feels filled with lots of company because of the dress forms, toys and other odd characters I have hanging around. Yesterday I took this photo after wrapping up a day of quilting and had to laugh, because it looked like two headless woman and PaMdora watching over my work.

The hole above my quilting frame is my attempt this hot summer to improve the air-conditioning in my studio by cutting a hole through my photography wall and adding two fans:)

rdi-quilt-wip2Wait, I’m wrong. On closer look, one of the headless women has a very small head!



Some people on my SAQA email list are talking about staying motivated when you hit a design block, and I was thinking how I try to make my studio a fun place to be. I try to tidy up between big projects, but still have toys, collections of vintage stuff, and left-over cutouts that sometimes I just play around with for the heck of it. Not really to make anything — it’s just sort of like having a ‘recess for the mind.’