The One That Didn’t – Niagra Falls

October 12, 2012Quilts

Someone on one of my list-serve emails groups called Quilt National the Holy Grail of the art quilt world. That’s pretty close to true, so it was super exciting to get the news on Monday that one of my quilts was juried into Quilt National 2013.

Cape of the Super Organized

October 14, 2009Journeys

I was joking on Twitter the other day: Time to put on my cape and become Super Organized Person. I had been stressing out all week, because two big events had be scheduled for the same day. And they were 221 miles apart. Months before I had promised to speak at a new series at … Read More

Quilt National 2009

September 24, 2009Exhibitions, Videos

Kristin Hare of the St. Louis Beacon tours Quilt National 2009 at the Foundry Art Centre in historic St. Charles. [pro-player][/pro-player]

The Power of Tag Clouds and Vintage Photo Friday

September 18, 2009Blogging, Vintage Stuff

I used to think that tag clouds were silly, but now I’m starting see what they can do if you tag your blog posts. Yesterday a reporter from the St. Louis Beacon called me to ask questions for a story she’s writing about Quilt National 2009 that’s opening soon at the Foundry Art Centre in … Read More

Did I say that? (less is more)

June 11, 2009Exhibitions, Press, Writing

When I first got into some art shows and was asked for an artist statement, I often spent a lot of time at the word processor — refining and tweaking and trying to cram as many power-packed poetic words into the space allowed. Type…..check the word count…..retype……check the word count. Now after a year of … Read More

Let Us Speak of Love

May 30, 2007Exhibitions, Journeys, Other Artists

In the words of Prem Joshua, “Tonight, let us speak of love. I can think of no better subject until the day we die.” I’ve been writing a lot lately, and it struck me that artists don’t seem to talk about LOVE very much. Maybe love isn’t one of those good art-speak terms, unless it … Read More

Quilt National 07 opening

May 25, 2007Exhibitions, Journeys

When I made this quilt, I was so focused the story behind it that I didn’t realize what it might look like if you didn’t know the story or read the title. But all evening I got questions about what the crotch shot was about. It’s not about that, it was because I had poison ivy so bad that I just lay on the bed, trying to to let anything touch my legs, not even each other.