Simplify for the New Year

December 29, 2010Drawings

For the last few weeks, when I wake early I make a cup of hot tea and light a candle. Then sit curled up in a quilt on a old comfy chair and watch the flame dance in the early morning darkness. Sometimes draw on white sheets of paper. I’ve been thinking about New Year’s … Read More

Happy New Year’s, with some resolutions

January 1, 2009Drawings, Holidays

sketch from Gong Fu Teahouse Last year I chose three words to define my new year. Now I can’t even find them on my blog (know I did a post about it) and can’t remember them either. Well, that worked well didn’t it? This year decided to go back to some simple new years resolutions: … Read More

Considering Focus for the New Year

January 5, 2008Holidays, Inspiration

Thanks for the great comments on my last post about Simplify or Play as a key word for 2008. You all gave me a lot to think about. Another word I’ve been considering is Focus, because lately my brain has been feeling like a big gnarly hairball. In yoga it’s also called a Monkey Mind … Read More