Illustration Friday: Blanket

February 4, 2008Drawings, Illustration Friday

I feel right at home with this week’s Illustration Friday theme: Blanket, because I spent all weekend under one, still trying to sleep off this nasty cold-flu. Here’s an interesting link called “How to be an Early Riser” if you don’t want to be like me. My advice is just the opposite for “how to … Read More

Under the Weather

January 29, 2008Drawings, Mixed Media

If you’re wondering about all the spastic changes to my blog lately, I’ve had two flavors of colds over the last week and haven’t had much energy but to sit on the sofa and dink around with it. What is it about computers that can suck up the time? It’s still much more entertaining than … Read More

Ugly House Guest

January 8, 2006Process

Here it is already mid January, and we still haven’t gotten rid of an ugly holiday guest. You might remember him from last year… It’s been over two weeks, and I’m just now getting rid of the head congestion that has left no room for creative thoughts. Other than that, it’s been a glorious 60-70 … Read More