Merry White Christmas!

white-christmasI’ve been drawing stuff in the sky this week and looking at photos of space, astronauts, and the Hubble…. animations of fireworks….

Today we woke to a gift from the sky – snow!

This the first White Christmas I can remember in a long time. Mochi and I went on a very early morning walk. It was a bit surreal, and we didn’t see a soul out except for some squirrels, so I let her run off her lease, much to her joy.

For someone who likes to work with color, I’m awfully inspired by some whites — moonlight, starlight, and snow. Wondering how to draw snow, I decided to just draw the stuff around or behind it. It’s kind of like space in sculpture and architecture, defined by the stuff around it.

my new winter hat

Merry Christmas everyone!

(And how come with all the art supplies I’ve bought in my life, when I want to do a quick ink sketch, all I can find is an old box of Prang and one old brush??)

Snowy day and the Sleepy-Eye bed


Yesterday was a beautiful snowy day, our first real one this year. Everything was covered in white, and the dog loved hopping through the snow like a funny snow bunny.

Where did January go? I guess I slept through most of it. Someday soon I hope that my head will shrink back to normal, and I can quit taking bottles of mucinex. In the meantime, time to get up. There’s a lot that has to be done before the end of the month, and actually there are a few days precious left. Wake up sleepyhead!