The Vintage Purse quilt hanging over faux leopard sofa and sculpture

But does it match the sofa?

PaMdora Quilts, Studio 14 Comments

I’ve never really thought about that when I’m making art. When I have a show coming up in a public space, I usually spend a lot of time photographing, measuring, and once even made a gallery dollhouse. I’ve also made pieces and even series of works for specific spaces. But the odd thing is, I’ve never hung one of my …

Have we entered a beige period?

PaMdora Featured, Studio 20 Comments

After renovating the studio last year, we’ve gone to a whole new aesthetic — from orange and black checkered floors and multi-colored walls to more of a retro-Swedish-modern look with bamboo floors. We call it Studio2.0. It’s a very calm clean atmosphere, much different than the usual colorful chaos of my fiber studio in back. I like that I’m finally …