Lunch Table Set

October 30, 2010Randomness, Vintage Stuff

Auctions are a great place to get art supplies, and I especially like industrial auctions. It’s usually dirty, noisy, and sometimes too many smokers show up, but it’s a chance to poke around in factories and other places you wouldn’t ordinarily be allowed. It’s also a  social event, you often see some of the same … Read More

The Power of Tag Clouds and Vintage Photo Friday

September 18, 2009Blogging, Vintage Stuff

I used to think that tag clouds were silly, but now I’m starting see what they can do if you tag your blog posts. Yesterday a reporter from the St. Louis Beacon called me to ask questions for a story she’s writing about Quilt National 2009 that’s opening soon at the Foundry Art Centre in … Read More

Vintage Photo Friday – Capri motel sign

September 11, 2009Inspiration, Journeys, Vintage Stuff

This has to be the best motel sign that I’ve seen in the midwest. During the week of installing Russ’s neon show in Joplin and this week of de-installation, I’ve unintentionally explored many routes in and out of town. By far, my favorite route is old Main heading towards I-44, because of all the old … Read More

Vintage Photo Friday

September 4, 2009Vintage Stuff

Once I took this class jointly taught by a poet and a photographer. The class was called “image and text” and we did all sorts of interesting projects that I should write up, because they could be the starting inspiration for others too. One project was to find an old photograph or series of photos … Read More

Vintage Friday again!

July 10, 2009Exhibitions, Journeys

Here are some old photos I scanned to use in the introduction for my artist’s talk tomorrow evening at the Modern Materials exhibition opening weekend. Modern Materials: The Art of the Quilt [Artspace] at Untitled 1 NE 3rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73104 Hours: Tues – Fri: 10am-6pm, Sat: 10am-4pm July 10 – August 29, … Read More

Vintage Friday

June 12, 2009Inspiration, Vintage Stuff

Long ago I told Paper Dolls for Boys that I would post vintage photos on Fridays, but I really haven’t got that many great vintage photos. I do however have a nice collection of mid-century cookbooks — many I found when I bought two big boxes of old papers at an auction. They appear to … Read More

Help for high waters

January 8, 2009Projects, Vintage Stuff

It’s hard to take a photo of your own ankles. I finally did this one by sitting down on the floor. Do they still call them high-waters? These aren’t capris, just petites with an extra P which also means cold ankles in winter. December brought lots of painting deadlines, but also the realization that my … Read More

No, I haven’t taken up smoking…

July 7, 2008Journeys, Painting, Process, Sketchbooks

…but I’ve been collecting retro melamine ashtrays that make great brush/water holders for painting. And they come in great colors (I have bigger yellow and green ones at my studio.) This is a small one, which is good for travel, especially on a boat where your brushes might roll overboard. The watercolor pencils roll also, … Read More