Sew “Modern” vintage sewing machine


As promised, here’s my prize snag at the 51st Brownsville flea market and craft festival. It’s a Modern sewing machine made in Japan, and actually my eagle-eyed husband spotted it sitting inside an ugly white plastic case in the mud just outside of a woman’s tent who said it belonged to her mother. Rather than carry it back to her car at the end of the festival, she sold it cheap. And luckily for me, my husband agreed to carry it to our truck.

Vintage Christmas


We’ve had housefuls of company this year, so I’ve had little time to make anything myself, but I always enjoy getting little vintage treasures out of their storage boxes. This is a nativity scene made from a coconut and other nuts that I found in a bucket in the basement of an old house during an estate auction.


My grandmother had lots of craft parties with her friends, especially around the holidays when they made ornaments from things like wishbones and egg shells. But my favorite is this angel wall hanging that inspires me in my studio.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Chinese Checkers

Oh my, it was a beautiful day today…I saw a guy and a dog flying a kite in a big grassy field.  Actually I spend the morning inside drawing, not a good use of the fabulous weather, but I did get out in the afternoon to go to an auction, and got this great Chinese Checkers set.

This one has unusual graphics with this odd little Pixie guy, and it says it was made in St. Louis.

And wow, does that guy really have five hands? I sure could use his help around the house!