Mojo Hair and Clairefontaine Sketchbooks


I finally realized that my constant obsession with trying new hair salons is actually research. This weekend I visited a place called Mojo Pie Hair Salon that felt a little like walking into a Tim Burton goes to New Orleans theme, and had plenty of time to do these ten pages of sketches while getting a new stripy attitude on my head.


It’s tough to draw people in motion, but sharpens the senses and makes one more observant. I came away with a lot of visual information that I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

sketchbook2.jpgSomeone asked about my sketchbooks. I often carry a small moleskine, but my real favorite is this sketchbook by Clairefontaine (read some interesting trivia about the French company here — talk about archival! I love the story of Frankie T.)

The sketchbook fits in a medium-sized purse, and has nice white paper that scans very well. And it’s cheap, four bucks at my local National Art Shoppe.


Plus, it’s landscape. I have a theory that some people see the world in portrait and some in landscape orientation. I definitely see it in landscape. How do you see the world?

Important Notes from Another Meeting




Lately I’ve been fascinated by drawing ears and noses. Since I’ve drawing in my sketchbooks on a regular basis, I’ve noticed an improvement since last November’s drawings. Since I draw with a pen, I’m thinking more carefully about each line as I make it.

Also, I often complain that I have bad handwriting, but never want to practice writing. It’s interesting that seems to be improving also as a side-effect of the drawing.