The One That Didn’t – Niagra Falls

October 12, 2012Quilts

Someone on one of my list-serve emails groups called Quilt National the Holy Grail of the art quilt world. That’s pretty close to true, so it was super exciting to get the news on Monday that one of my quilts was juried into Quilt National 2013.

She’s in the Wall Street Journal

May 23, 2009Exhibitions, Press

Who? That woman I told you about, the one with a big nose and Eiffel-Tower hair. I first got wind of the article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal from folks on the SAQA yahoo list. Those of us who aren’t at the conference and Quilt National opening last night are feeling left out and … Read More

Collages for the Creamery

September 18, 2008Exhibitions, Mixed Media, Process, Quilts

When our studio flooded, a lot of framed art got ruined. Since the Creamery Arts Center has lots of odd spaces, I cleaned the old frames and designed some collages to fit into them for the show. Here’s the finished quilts in the show, but for fun I included some framed pages from my sketchbooks … Read More

Musings on the Creamery Art Center

August 27, 2008Drawings, Sketchbooks

Gerrie asked about the motivation behind this new series “Wish You Were Hair” and it’s true it’s inspired by my collection of vintage postcards. Also my fascination with travel and world monuments and landmarks… But the real motivation — I can’t get out of mind the kids who come through the Creamery Arts Center. I’ve … Read More

Fabric scorecard

August 26, 2008Process, Quilts

Until now, I had been proud of myself — for getting fast at making decisions and not waffling. Until I hit this pink wall of doubt. Looking at last night’s photos and drawings, I thought the pink background was too pale, so went fabric hunting and bagged some purple. I don’t like to change background … Read More

Meet me in St. Louis

August 25, 2008Drawings, Tech

Getting work done for an upcoming show has trashed my healthy schedule of working out followed by a big breakfast of fruit, yogurt, coffee, eggs and rice. It seems like weeks that I’ve been getting up at some unearthly hour to squeeze in a little more work, and am starting to skip the workout and … Read More

Why I like drawing with pens

August 16, 2008Drawings, Process, Sketchbooks

Guess where I drew this? Yup, when I was getting my hair highlighted! Since much of the summer has been spent away from the studio, I have been working a lot in my sketchbooks. I can easily stick a sketchbook and a pen into my purse or backpack and am good to go. I like … Read More

We’re talking Really Big Hair

July 28, 2008Drawings, Sketchbooks

Another drawing for my new series, Wish You Were Hair. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a fascination with monuments of the world — written about them in my term papers, constructed clay monuments in ceramics, traveled to see them in person. Now these world monuments are starting to appear in my quilts. … Read More

Working on a series

July 26, 2008Drawings, Process, Quilts

Australian quilt top is done, but instead of quilting right away, I’m moving on to designing the next one. I’m trying to keep my momentum up to finish a series.  Some artists may think only of one piece at a time. But maybe because I’m married to a sculptor — I have in my mind … Read More