PaMdora and the Malware Monster

November 24, 2011Blog, Drawings, Tech

Of the many things I’m thankful for today, one is getting my blog back. I’m sorry to all you that have tried to visit in the last couple of weeks and gotten the scary Google warnings. And thanks to everyone who contacted me about them. It’s funny how you can take things for granted, but … Read More

Circular Writing is like Circular Knitting

September 16, 2009Blogging, Featured, Writing

I used to think that writing was a linear thing, and it can be if you’re telling a story. Then blogs came along, and it seemed to make sense to write and post things in order, because in the beginning they were kind of just an online diary of events or ideas. Now there’s the … Read More

On the Road to a Better Blog

September 11, 2009Blogging, Tech

I’m not talking about appearances, I’m talking about structure. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know the look of PaMdora’s box hasn’t changed much over the last couple of years. But I’ve been writing here about four years total, and there have been a variety of looks. Yesterday I played around with a few … Read More

The Power of WordPress

September 3, 2009Blogging, Tech, Writing

Self-imposed WordPress camp, that’s where I’ve been the for the last couple of weeks. It’s not a real camp, but just me with my laptop on the dining room table hooked up to the internet. But I like to use the term to describe the intensity with which I’ve been learning how to better use … Read More