The Banana Pose is in American Style!


Hey, there’s my quilt on page 58 of the January-February issue of American Style magazine. Yay, AmStyle did a big big section on “studio quilts” and artists, and Martha Sielman executive director of SAQA mentioned my work in her interview. Thanks Martha!

Yoga 101 - The Banana Split Pose
Yoga 101 - The Banana Split Pose by Pam RuBert - 45" x 53"

This quilt is called “Yoga 101: The Banana Split Pose,” one of my series of quilts featuring yoga poses inspired by food puns.


In the same article there’s also a great photo that Russ took of me working at my sewing machine a few pages later. The section features lots of great fiber artists (that’s Linda Gass’s gorgeous quilt beside mine) including Caryl Bryer Fallert, Susan Shie, John Lefelhocz, Gwendoyn Magee, and Katie Pasquine Masopust.

72 Art Quilts & 1 Drawing

Yoga 101-Pretzel Pose

This morning I did yoga in front of the big window again, and the falling snow was mesmerizing. It was beautiful last night also, falling heavily as I left the studio. This is the first snow we’ve had this year.

Yesterday I was feeling like I got a whole lot of nothing done, because I’m so wanting to finish some work for the show — but instead, two remodeling jobs in progress, ordering new signs, three heaters malfunctioning…PLUS an hour talking to a reporter about the show, a newspaper photographer in my studio, and typing the list of all our quilts for the show. Here’s the exciting thing:

72 WORKS OF ART! I had no idea we would have that much! Not that we’re going to hang all that, but it gives us a really good base to select from. I’m so excited!

At the end of the day, I finally printed out a pattern for one of my yoga sketches. I hadn’t thought it was very good, but seeing it life-size on the wall (30 x 49) got me so excited that I stayed late to do a color study. Here’s a drawing, although I still have to work on a few things.

Today I’m going to work all day in the studio, first to start pulling fabric for the design. I imagine it will be a slugfest as usual.

Yoga, the Moon, and the Zone

This morning the old 1904 part of the house where I normally do yoga was freezing! I guess the radiator heat system is broken. Not being able to do my yoga there, I moved my mat, quilts, and other yoga props into the new part of house.

At first I was disgruntled by the uneven terra cotta floor, which I blamed for not being able to do my balance poses, (handy excuse). But over the next forty-five minutes, I realized that I was fortunate to be able to watch the full moon set across the winter sky through the big glass wall in the family room.

Every time I looked up from a pose, the moon had moved a little more, and as it moved behing the winter trees, I saw how big it was. That huge white circle in the dark sky reminded me of a poem I wrote about a winter moon in high school. I always did a lot of creative writing when I was younger. I think the first story I ever wrote was called “I am a Pickle.”

But as a kid I always struggled with the concept of being a writer versus being an artist. It was so unfair, writers could have their work reprinted by the millions and could be experienced by so many people. Artists on the other hand, I thought, could only have one original that would be experienced by a limited audience. And the visual arts were undemocratic too, because buying or owning a work of art was much more expensive than buying a paperback book.

I suppose recently those internal arguments have been softened a little by computers, the internet, and other digital media. And recently I have been working more writing into my artwork in little devious ways.

But back to the moon. I have never watched the moon set, and I think it put me into the Zone. I think the Zone is a meditative state of mind, or maybe a kind of out-of-body experience. Athletes talk about the Zone, artists talked about a creative mental state, yoga masters try to reach some kind of bliss, but I think it all might be a similar experience.

Sometimes I can get into the Zone when I draw or paint. But sometimes I’m not sure how I get there, it seems to happen accidently. All of a sudden I’m just there, and then I write or draw some of my best stuff. One time I was eating lunch, I think it was a hot dog and Campbell’s soup, and suddenly I got up from the table and wrote one of my best poems ever.

I guess that’s one reason I started this blog. I’m not sure how to get to that place where I create the best, but I’m always searching. I could try writing after yoga each morning, but if I add that to my current regima, even though I’m getting up at 5:30 I might never make it to the studio before noon.

I shouldn’t even be writing this right now, because I have a full day with four meetings scheduled, the biggest one being the art quilt group meeting where we are going to review all the work for our show. But you know, probably a lot of great art would never have been created if people always did what they “should.” Not that this is great art. But hopefully it’s on the road to making some…..