Harter House MisHaps

So I went to Harter House today to get a few things…and noticed the checkout guy didn’t seem to know what he was doing. He would sort of act like he was scanning stuff, then stand around and pass the item to the bag boy. For the produce, he didn’t even try to act. Just sort of stood there and mumbled about stuff, then passed it to the bag boy. So you can imagine my bill was pretty low. Until he accidentally hit the button for 162 filets.

Beer Sampler at Mother’s

Thursday night I went to hang out with my friend at Mothers Brewery, a Springfield Brewery that makes lots of popular beers that all have custom names and labels. For instance in the 1950’s there was an exotic pet store that 9 cobras escaped from, and the resulting scare was legendary. So they have a beer call Cobra Scare.

But Thursday I drank Mr. Pumpkin, one of the seasonal beers, and we sat and listened to John Paul play the guitar with two other people because that’s why Stacie was there, and I was there to keep her company. John Paul is her husband, and we ate the pistachios I had in my car. Because Mothers doesn’t serve food but they let you bring your own.

Changing the World, One Letter at a Time

I blame it on pancakes. It changed my world when I discovered at an early age that pancakes weren’t PaMcakes and named after me. At least that’s to what I attribute my fascination with changing ‘pan’ things to PaM things.

I suppose there are lots of pan things. Pandemics, pancreas, pandemonium… But I really only have a couple of things under my belt. The PaMcakes (literally, under my belt, get it) and PaMdora I made up some years ago when I first started making quilts. She’s had lot of adventures, from Christmas aerobatics to banana split yoga.

She always finds herself in unexpected or ironic circumstances and has always looked at the world with some sort of permanent angst. Sometimes that doesn’t seem like enough these days. So I’m working on a new quilt called “It’s Dark Out There – Keep the Light On,” and this new character I’m thinking about calling PaMic, as in PaMic Attack. But maybe her hair should be red.

Working on the stack of books now. I think I’ll put titles on them of stuff that keeps me up at night, things like Alligators. Plastic in the Ocean. That Guy in Colorado. Is My Sunscreen Expired. And, That Awful Noise Down in the Basement.

I might make some pictures for the wall behind the bed too. King Kong on the Empire State Building. A Mushroom Cloud. A Weird Alien and Scary Lizard. What keeps you up at night?


Getting Back in My Groove

It’s been a long time since I laughed while making art, but it feels good to do it again. I’ve done a lot of things over the few years past years, but not much blogging. I won’t go into it all but everything feeds into now, and I’m in the mood to write again.

I’m listening to Rolling Blackouts Costal Fever while working and it’s so good, it will definitely rank up there with the music that get me in a working mood like the Kinks, B-52’s, U2, or Talking Heads so that I listen to the same album over and over for a whole quilt.

I’ve finally got a pretty good little mini studio set up in on the first floor of our art retreat house at Tablerock Lake.  I’ve mounted design boards on the wall and found these wonderful LED track lights at Home Depot. They can be hard wired, but you can also buy an adaptor to add a plug with a 15 foot cord and on/off switch so the strip can be mounted temporarily anywhere that needed.

When I created PaMdora ten years ago, her expression was one of permanent angst. But now she seems dated. My newest character I’m working on is somewhere between high alert and total panic. Trying to think of a good name for her.


As for the Roses…

As for the roses….

Unfortuately the deer and maybe an armadillo ate my specialty roses last year. One of the four made a good effort at returning this spring. It grew out a new long stem with a bud on the end, so I was excitedly waiting for it to bloom. But then a dog or some animal broke that stem. Now it seems like it’s given up this time for sure.

So I started buying larger rose plants because I thought if they were more established when I planted them, then the animals might not be able to do so much damage!

Over the winter I bought some salvage windows because I saw some fun-looking greenhouses on pinterest built out of old windows. But I’m sure that’s a long term project that I’m not ready for yet. In the meantime I tried to build makeshift cold frames over my herb garden. There’s Misha supervising the work in progress. I was worried she might walk on the glass windows, break them and hurt herself, but she left them alone.

Over the winter, Russ put some color-changing LED lights inside and they were beautiful in the snow and frost. The cold frames weren’t perfect but I guess they did some good because my herbs survived the winter and even a lettuce plant came back in the spring. Some kind of broccoli plant survived too, and then this spring sent out this amazing tall shoots. I don’t know what it is doing but its very pretty lol.

So I have a head start on the herbs, and now I’m working on weeding the upper beds, and adding some new ones in places that just weed patches now but get great sun.

“No Strings Attached” at Sky Gallery

Last Monday we hung a fiber arts show at Sky Gallery at the Springfield-Branson National Airport, a beautiful venue to highlight the work of seven fiber artists working in southwest Missouri:

Marty Corcoran – weaving
Stephanie Hornickel – quilts and mixed media
Rachel Denbow – weaving
Paula Rosen – needle felting and weaving
Dani Ives – needle felting on embroidery hoops
Janice Casey – nuno felting
Pam RuBert – art quilts

The exhibition “No Strings Attached” will be on exhibit until February 22, 2016, so if you’re flying over the holidays, allow a little extra time in your travel plans to see the artwork space through the public areas of the airport (before you get to security). Even if you’re not flying, the airport is open 24-7 and you can park in short-term parking for up to 30 minutes for free.

Thanks to Kara Reminigton, graphic designer for the Springfield-Branson National Airport and Sky Gallery director, and Stephanie Cramer, education and exhibitions director for the Springfield Regional Arts Council for putting together this exhibition! Also to Meganne Rosen O’Neal and Larry Askren for all the help installating the show:)

pamrubertkiosk2 pamrubertkiosk3 pamrubert5 pamrubert6


“Threads of Thought” at 21st European Patchwork Meeting


Rhintex-biglogoThis coming September, I’ve been invited to have a exhibition of my work titled “Threads of Thought” at the 21st Carrefour Européen du Patchwork / European Patchwork Meeting, a quilt festival that spans 4 villages of the Val d’Argent and draws 22,000 visitors from France and around the world. The festival will display 1200 to 1500 textile artworks, both traditional and contemporary.

Rhinetex, one of the largest wholesale supplier of patchwork and quilting suppliers in Europe, has generously offered to sponsor my exhibition!

Odd Characters in the Studio

Mostly I work alone in my studio, but it often feels filled with lots of company because of the dress forms, toys and other odd characters I have hanging around. Yesterday I took this photo after wrapping up a day of quilting and had to laugh, because it looked like two headless woman and PaMdora watching over my work.

The hole above my quilting frame is my attempt this hot summer to improve the air-conditioning in my studio by cutting a hole through my photography wall and adding two fans:)

rdi-quilt-wip2Wait, I’m wrong. On closer look, one of the headless women has a very small head!



Some people on my SAQA email list are talking about staying motivated when you hit a design block, and I was thinking how I try to make my studio a fun place to be. I try to tidy up between big projects, but still have toys, collections of vintage stuff, and left-over cutouts that sometimes I just play around with for the heck of it. Not really to make anything — it’s just sort of like having a ‘recess for the mind.’

I Dream in Color

What a fun show! We did this last December at the Creamery Arts Center, and it was so successful that this year it became PoP ArT ReMiX2. As you can see, it’s a colorful exhibition that is sure to shake off the rainy day winter blues. The show will be up the whole month of December 2014 at the Creamery Art Center, 411 N Sherman Pkwy, Springfield, Missouri.


Next to that is Darlene Prater’s colorful pug dog painting is my contribution is called “I Dream in Color.” She’s covered in knitted and crocheted yarns. The hair is crocheted curls of eyelash and bulky yarns.


The table was an ugly old thing that I painted with gesso for a chalky look and then wrapped the legs with yarn. I’m kind of excited about this process and now am imagining all sorts of things I could paint and transform next.



Happy Email and Pumpkin Cars

Although I wasn’t able to attend, the International Quilt Festival is happening this week in Houston. I did send a quilt – Prince Charming’s Shoe Sale. Patricia Kenndy-Zafred kindly send me a photo from Houston.


The white ribbon is for Third Place in the Whimsical Quilts category. Patty’s quilt is across from mine in the Digital category.  She did better than me — she won a First Place in Digital Imagery with a silk-screened quilt! You can see her quilt “Shared Destiny”  her homepage and on the 2014 IQA  awards page at Quilts.org.

The award-winning quilts from IQA/Houston (which ends tomorrow) will be traveling to IQA /Chicago in March, IQA /Minneapolis next May, and to Quilt! Knit! Stitch! by IQA /Portland next August.

Looking at Patty’s website, I just realized we will also be in a couple of upcoming shows together – Quilt National 2015 in Athens, Ohio and Expressions in Equality at Visions Museum in San Diego in 2015. So it’s kind of cool that although, I can’t go all these places, my quilts can. And I can develop these long distance friendships!

Yesterday on Halloween I was looking at lots of creative pumpkin carvings. It reminded me that last spring when I made this quilt, I was thinking a lot about pumpkins. Although Cinderella may have ridden to the ball in a pumpkin carriage driven by mice, I thought a modern Cinderella could drive herself to a shoe sale. So I made a pumpkin patchwork SUV, VW bug, van and sedan for her and her step-sisters:)